The Causeway

The Causeway

As I departed the Toberman’s house, greatest with the beauty of the sunrise over the bay I make my way to the gas station by the freeway to await some friends.
Shortly after arriving Blythe and Micheal drove up to my surprise. We caught up about my run to there and what my plans where to be next. I had found out the night before that the Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon was on Sunday and was looking to see if anyone would sponsor my entree fee. So the Facebook postings began. Soon after Alicia and her brother Jason arrived. I had been anticipating their arrival. Hugs handshakes and details were exchanged about the run over the causeway.
Jason set up in various locations to snap photos and videos of me running across the causeway and down into the city I live. I am thankful for Jason to have taken the time out of his day to do that for me.
As I reached the other side and arrived in Galveston I was constantly checking my phone for updates. A good friend of mine,David Watson,owner of Nada’s, was going to sponsor the fee for the Marathon,but when he got there Jana Landry, friends of Andy Stewart who owns Finish Line Sports in Sugar Land, had already taken care of the fee. So I made my way down Broadway waving and smiling to all that where honking, cheering, and waving me on. When I made it to 25th I went to see everyone at the Antique Warehouse. Surprised to see me there already, hugs of excitement were exchanged.short visit though, I had a marathon packet to pick up!!!! So I made my way over to the packet pick up location. As I walked in to look for Jana she called me out. I was totally stoked that I was going to do another marathon for Team CFF. After signing in picking up my number I had talked with a few runners that were listening in on what I was doing. I am thankful for the words of encouragement.
Starbucks, I needed my Starbucks. I walked over to my local SB where I spend most of my mornings. After I received my drink and was sitting down catching up on post, Haille introduced herself, and then mentioned that her brother, Eithan, has CF. We talked about my connection with CF and why I was doing this,exchanged information,and wished me luck on my travels. Before I left, Jessica Loftus, had walked up and asked for more info on the run. She is involved with a Tri group and wanted to share the info with them. My morning there was totally made!
Left SB and made my way to Sunflower Cafe to enjoy breakfast with Alicia! We were able to catch up on events sense the beginning of the run. After breakfast I went home to clean, but instead, slept! Sleep was much needed. Wrench was so happy to see me when I arrived home. He didn’t know which way to wiggle his butt. He pinned me to the ground and started rubbing his scent on me letting me know I’m his and I’m not suppose to leave like that. Then back to sleep I went……


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Made it to Tiki Island

Made it to Tiki Island

Ahhhh, stretch, eat, and a morning talk about my next leg of the run with Jason and Christie. After a great cooked breakfast and more blinking lights added to my CammelBak for safety, I started my way to Tiki Island.
The honks and cheers along the road give me the extra little kick to continue on the venture to bring people’s eyes fixed on me, the mobile awareness billboard for CF. with my looks of ” Forrest Gump” adding to the draw of people’s attention, it then becomes the ice breaker for a conversation about the “Breathe Easy” Run and who it benefits.
My first Starbucks stop along the way was the first of unfriendly affairs. Was told I wasn’t allowed to put up flyers about the run, after I had made my purchase with my gold card. I had informed the lady who snapped at me that I had asked the other employee first and was said it was ok, but that I would take them down and take them to another location. So I left my drink on the counter and said keep it and the change, and off I went. Heading 45 south I continued to meet people as I waited to cross the roads at lights and posed for pictures holding the CFF flags out.
Little ways down the road my body was letting me know it’s time to eat. As I was walking through a parking lot to my destination I heard a group of people yell out, “Go Forrest Go!” So I turned back to share with them about my run. After I talked with them for a bit I walked over to Hooters, Webster location, where I was greeted with smiles of looks of disbelief. Nadia was quick to ask about what Team CFF stood for and why was I running 500 miles for them. As I was seated I handed her a stack of cards with the CFF info on it and the link for the run so they could follow. Nadia proceeded to go around telling others about me and my run. She handed the cards out to customers as well as coworkers. The manger of the Webster location came up to the table and wished me luck on my travels. As a few photos were taken and a shirt was given to me by Nadia. I was wished the best of luck safe travels, and that they’d be behind me supporting me and spreading the word around while I was on the road.
Outside I saddle up’d my CammelBak onto my shoulders,tightened the straps, and of to my next stop.
As I normally have done through my run, I stop at Starbucks to have either coffee or water so that I save what is stored in my CammelBak for later. The next few locations were great and very supportive. Making my way south towards my next predetermined destination, Columbia Sports Wear at the Tanger Outlet Mall.
Richard was the gentlemen who greeted me first. I mentioned to him how Melissa said she’d contribute to the “Breathe Easy”Run. I was told to shop away. After roaming the collecting only what I needed, being careful not to add much more weight, I was ready to check out. Tomy, the manger working that night made the adjustments and was very helpful. Their contribution to the run will be helping me along the way there in comfort.
My eyes are now set on the Island before the Island.
Along the dark, misty,foggy roads, headlights intermediately passing me by, one set slowly comes to a stop next to my side. Blythe and Micheal had driven out to where I was and brought sunflower seeds and water to me. After pics and thanks, it was time to keep on truckin.
Closer and closer I get to the water the tempature slowly gets cooler, relieving me of the heat from the day. Instagram’ng along the way for followers to keep up with my progress as well besides the post on fb, to give a little illustration of the journey as I see it on foot. I’ve made it!! Thinking it was going to be a short run for the day tanks to google maps, I anticipated it to be about 10 miles shorter, eek, oh well 29 miles wasn’t bad. As I stand in front of the Tiki Island sign, I proudly take a picture to let everyone k ow that I’ve arrived safely to my destination for the night.
A big thanks to the Toberman family for dinner,hot shower, and a comfy place to sleep for the night. As we talked through the night and caught up on the past it was time to rest. To all my CF friends, “Toberman” was a big part in the break through with CF developing the inhaler that is used to this day. When I return from my trip, I plan on getting to know more about it and visit the wing named after the grandfather. Morning comes and I’m greeted by Nathan. We talked about his fishing trip to Florida and how it compares to here. While talking and packing up the time came for me to continue on.
Hugs and thanks were given, then down the stairs to start my shortest leg of the run over the Galveston Cauesway Bridge….

What a day!!!!


What a day!!!!

Yesterday morning started off great thanks to my friend Jocie! I was able to rest up for my next leg of the run of the “Breathe Easy” Run.
Started my morning at Starbucks like most of my mornings do for me. This day was by far different and better than the rest.
As Hillary and I talked about my run the previous day and my emotional night meeting Ryan and Braden at Mucky Duck. As we sat there while I was attaching my new “wings” (CFF flags) to my pack to make it more of an impact to who I’m running for,we awaited the call from Houston’s KRPC Channel 2 news. I learned more about Jackson and Loren who are brother and sister with CF. To my Galveston Family, if you didn’t know by now,you do now! The 2 newest barges being built across from Pier 21 are named after them! They currently live in Pearland, Tx.
When he news recorder showed up we went outside to greet him and the interview started once he was set up. Oh boy, retake please 🙂 you think that you know exactly what you’re going to say until he starts asking you the questions. So what you’ve had outlined in your head is thrown out the window. After we finished me explaining why I’m running to New Orleans from Rosenberg, TX, he proceeded to drive ahead of me along my route towards Discovery Green to record me running.
Along my way on Westhiemer a guy in a ’67 suicide door Thunderbird raised his hand out the window and yelled,” Rock On”. A few blocks down the road he was waiting for me. As I crossed the street we introduced ourselves. Chandler invited me into Roots Juice to give me a smoothie! I have to say they chose the right one for me, the ” Runners High” ! Thanks to Chandler,Becky,Dakota,Steve , and the customers who listened in on what I’m doing for their donations and support! If you’re ever close to the Montrose area, Look them up and tell them I sent you.
As I made my way towards downtown, the looks and comments were coming from every direction. Thanks to the “CFF Chick” , I passed out almost all of my cards they printed up for me with info on CF and about my run with a link on it. I took my time through Discovery Green Park to enjoy the sounds of kids running and playing around, the people sitting in the sun on their lunch break reading and soaking it in, while others were using that time for exercise.
Made my way down to the road that would take me to UofH. Running down the road full of construction workers yelling,” Run Forrest, Run!!” I of course replied,” Jenny, I’m lookin for Jenny!” It was great to hear the guys bust up laughing.
When I reached the far side of campus so that I could enjoy walking through I asked a student where I should eat. Well he first pointed me in the direction I just came from,so I was quick to say,” that I just ran from that area and would like to go thataway towards my destination.” So he said,” head through campus and go to the Satellite. You’ll have many options there.” Handed him a few cards to pass around and spread the word and then off I was to search for Lunch! Made it to the satellite and there were a lot of options. I chose sushi and a chicken stir fry. After lunch I started my way back through UofH and heard a voice call out my name. To my surprise and of all places and timing, my friend Sarah was walking along with her friend to there next class. We stopped hugged and talked for a bit,and of course I forgot to take another pic with someone I’ve seen along the way.
Making my way to 45south I would stop at all the Starbucks close to 45 for water and coffee. I had one stop along the feeder to aid a lady with a flat tire. She had a spare,and a jack, and a tire iron, but didn’t have the crank. So I pulled out my sailing knife with the spike on it and was able to jack the car up. Unfortunately for me, it broke my knife, but I was able to get her spare on for her and back on the road. I did it just to be the guy that I am, and she proceeded to hand me cash for helping her out. ( she didn’t have a phone so she didn’t know what she was going to do) Off she drives and off running I go.
Earlier in my run I made a post on Facebook that I needed some lighting that would help me to see at night and be seen while running. Andy with Finish Line Sports in Sugar Land,TX stepped up again. He donated lights for the back of my Camelback, a reflective vest, and a head lamp that lights up the road. I’m glad to have Finish Line Sports along with me to make this a safe venture!
Emily, a good friend of mine went to the store and picked up the gear and met me at Starbucks off of Hwy 3 and 2351 to deliver them to me, along with the 3 karate chopping boys and their sister.
Off to Jason and Christie’s house to stay the night. Slept great and woke up revived. Homemade breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, and great discussions. Thanks for the vitamin B and potassium tablets as well for the run.
Well I’m about to pack my Camelbak up and make my way to the tanger outlet mall to see Melissa @ the Columbian Sports Store. Awesome customer service there and she’s hooking me up to help me on my ” Breathe Easy” Run. Then to Tiki Island where I’ll spend the rest of the day.
Kelp me in your prayers and thoughts and all who are fighting and waiting for the cure for CF.

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Unexpected bond with CF

Last night as I reach my stopping point at the Mucky Duck to watch Patrice Pike perform,I was greeted with an announcement and applause. Patrice is a big supporter of my “Breathe Easy” Run for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
As I made my way out of the bathroom from changing clothes and putting on a clean Team CFF running tech shirt on, I was greeted by a 14yr old teen that said hi. I proceeded to sit at a table with my Camelbak and order a pitcher of water and dinner for the evening with friends. The teen walked up to me where I was seated and asked who it was that I was ruining for. I proceeded to tell him for The CFF. Brayden,the teen, then introduced himself to me and said,” that e and his brother both have CF.” Tears instantly dropped from my eyes. We then walked over to the table where his family was at where I met his younger brother Brian. The tears of compassion where let loose. Their dad stood up shook my hand and gave me a real hug. As we began to talk tears of a storm were pouring down with no way to control them. Mixed emotions of happiness,seeing the faces of who I’m wanting everyone to help me help,and tears of sadness for the struggles that I now know what they have to endure and hope for a cure. Such an awesome family that I’m am glad to be acquainted with.
After we talked about why I’m doing this run,I dried my face as good as I could and enjoyed the music and food. As the evening came to an end, tears poured back down again as we hugged and gave thanks for each others support. I wish I could describe the feelings that were there, but it was the kind you can’t really describe. If you were there it was felt
Brayden, Brian, hang in there guys. The cure is coming, it will be found, and soon you’ll breathe easy without any assistance.

I’ve been stopping at all the Starbucks in sight to grab water from there to save mine that’s in the Camelbak. The tempature is up to *69 now and the sun is shining bright. I think I might need an arm stand to keep my hand up waving to all the passing drivers.
Had a nice conversation with a young lady at SB about my run and shared it with her mother who was with her as well. She’s recovering from a hip surgery she had encountered from running. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Through out the days I’ll post videos from YouTube that people have posted on what their encounters with CF are. Feel free to email me your story or video for me to share it with everyone.

“Breathe Easy” Run begins

January 23,2013

Today I start my venture to New Orleans in honor of Debbie Cheramie. CF took her to soon from us,but now her lungs are open and singing in the Heavens above us.
I start on my way today to continue Debbie’s passion to help others that are battling with Cystic Fibrosis.

Thanks to Brews Brothers Brew Pub in Galveston,TX
Sponsoring me in a way that I will be able to blog along the way to inform everyone not just on my progress, but the progress of the fins and awareness that are raised through the duration of my run. Because of them, I’ll be connected to you and all who you invite to follow and show support,and for that I’m greatful!

I want to thank Darren Poore with Camelbak.
He generously donating the Camelbak “Pit Boss” to hold all that I need on the road to ” Breathe Easy”.

Ryan Bassham with Newton Running Co.
Helping keep their slogan, ” Hello Better” become a reality for people with CF to become “Breathe Easy”.
With the shoes and natural form guidance that I have learned from them I can go far, distance is not a threat, finishing is the goal.

Andy Stewart with Finish Line Sports in Sugar Land, Tx.
Andy’s donation to the CFF wil help fund the research to find a cure. Also with his connection with ASICS, I have a second pair of shoes so that I’ll be able to transition inbetween the pairs and have dry feet. With the support of the Cumulus 14, there’s protection from the roads that have become my playground.

John Braswell D.C. Chiropractor in Sugar Land, TX owner of Sweetwater Chriopractic
Allowing me to have use of a tens unit to aid my muscles along the way when I’m out of reach of his Chriopractic services. Johns kept my back straight and into place for years and years to come.

My bearded brothers and dames from Autin, TX. Their support of all facial hair and spreading the word out about my venture to New Orleans. You’ll see me in the Red Trucker AFHC hat running along the road looking like “Forest Gump”

All my friends and family who are behind me, praying for me, and cheering me on, it’s with all the Love that makes it easier, Thank You!

To my “CFF Chicks” @ The TX Gulf Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, thank you for allowing me to work along side with you and help. Your friendships and knowledge help me see that there is a cure coming, and patience will provail over CF and it’ll be no longer in the present, but in the past

It’s a foggy morning *46 and a great way to start