The Causeway

The Causeway

As I departed the Toberman’s house, greatest with the beauty of the sunrise over the bay I make my way to the gas station by the freeway to await some friends.
Shortly after arriving Blythe and Micheal drove up to my surprise. We caught up about my run to there and what my plans where to be next. I had found out the night before that the Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon was on Sunday and was looking to see if anyone would sponsor my entree fee. So the Facebook postings began. Soon after Alicia and her brother Jason arrived. I had been anticipating their arrival. Hugs handshakes and details were exchanged about the run over the causeway.
Jason set up in various locations to snap photos and videos of me running across the causeway and down into the city I live. I am thankful for Jason to have taken the time out of his day to do that for me.
As I reached the other side and arrived in Galveston I was constantly checking my phone for updates. A good friend of mine,David Watson,owner of Nada’s, was going to sponsor the fee for the Marathon,but when he got there Jana Landry, friends of Andy Stewart who owns Finish Line Sports in Sugar Land, had already taken care of the fee. So I made my way down Broadway waving and smiling to all that where honking, cheering, and waving me on. When I made it to 25th I went to see everyone at the Antique Warehouse. Surprised to see me there already, hugs of excitement were exchanged.short visit though, I had a marathon packet to pick up!!!! So I made my way over to the packet pick up location. As I walked in to look for Jana she called me out. I was totally stoked that I was going to do another marathon for Team CFF. After signing in picking up my number I had talked with a few runners that were listening in on what I was doing. I am thankful for the words of encouragement.
Starbucks, I needed my Starbucks. I walked over to my local SB where I spend most of my mornings. After I received my drink and was sitting down catching up on post, Haille introduced herself, and then mentioned that her brother, Eithan, has CF. We talked about my connection with CF and why I was doing this,exchanged information,and wished me luck on my travels. Before I left, Jessica Loftus, had walked up and asked for more info on the run. She is involved with a Tri group and wanted to share the info with them. My morning there was totally made!
Left SB and made my way to Sunflower Cafe to enjoy breakfast with Alicia! We were able to catch up on events sense the beginning of the run. After breakfast I went home to clean, but instead, slept! Sleep was much needed. Wrench was so happy to see me when I arrived home. He didn’t know which way to wiggle his butt. He pinned me to the ground and started rubbing his scent on me letting me know I’m his and I’m not suppose to leave like that. Then back to sleep I went……


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