Unexpected bond with CF

Last night as I reach my stopping point at the Mucky Duck to watch Patrice Pike perform,I was greeted with an announcement and applause. Patrice is a big supporter of my “Breathe Easy” Run for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
As I made my way out of the bathroom from changing clothes and putting on a clean Team CFF running tech shirt on, I was greeted by a 14yr old teen that said hi. I proceeded to sit at a table with my Camelbak and order a pitcher of water and dinner for the evening with friends. The teen walked up to me where I was seated and asked who it was that I was ruining for. I proceeded to tell him for The CFF. Brayden,the teen, then introduced himself to me and said,” that e and his brother both have CF.” Tears instantly dropped from my eyes. We then walked over to the table where his family was at where I met his younger brother Brian. The tears of compassion where let loose. Their dad stood up shook my hand and gave me a real hug. As we began to talk tears of a storm were pouring down with no way to control them. Mixed emotions of happiness,seeing the faces of who I’m wanting everyone to help me help,and tears of sadness for the struggles that I now know what they have to endure and hope for a cure. Such an awesome family that I’m am glad to be acquainted with.
After we talked about why I’m doing this run,I dried my face as good as I could and enjoyed the music and food. As the evening came to an end, tears poured back down again as we hugged and gave thanks for each others support. I wish I could describe the feelings that were there, but it was the kind you can’t really describe. If you were there it was felt
Brayden, Brian, hang in there guys. The cure is coming, it will be found, and soon you’ll breathe easy without any assistance.


6 thoughts on “Unexpected bond with CF

  1. Wow….14 year old Ryan and his younger brother, Braden are my grandsons…they were so pleased to have met you last night, as was their father, Jim. You made quite an impression, thank you for running and caring.

  2. 14 year old Ryan and his younger brother, Braden, are my grandsons. They were so pleased to have met you last night, as was their father, Jim. Thank you for running and for caring.

  3. Ryan and Braden are my great nephews. They are neat kids. Everyone connected to a CF person thanks you for your effort in the hunt for a cure.

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  5. Michael, your journey inspires me so much and I’m blessed to have crossed paths with you. I watched your run raising awareness for CF and with each connection you made on your run, you gave me hope. I know that one day a cure will be found and for all our friends that we have lost, it will have been worth the fight. This particular post brings tears to my eyes each time I read it, and so I having watched your journey over the last month, I have nominated you for a Gargie Award, you can check it out here: http://walking4air.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/and-the-gargie-award-goes-to/

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