“Breathe Easy” Run begins

January 23,2013

Today I start my venture to New Orleans in honor of Debbie Cheramie. CF took her to soon from us,but now her lungs are open and singing in the Heavens above us.
I start on my way today to continue Debbie’s passion to help others that are battling with Cystic Fibrosis.

Thanks to Brews Brothers Brew Pub in Galveston,TX
Sponsoring me in a way that I will be able to blog along the way to inform everyone not just on my progress, but the progress of the fins and awareness that are raised through the duration of my run. Because of them, I’ll be connected to you and all who you invite to follow and show support,and for that I’m greatful!

I want to thank Darren Poore with Camelbak.
He generously donating the Camelbak “Pit Boss” to hold all that I need on the road to ” Breathe Easy”.

Ryan Bassham with Newton Running Co.
Helping keep their slogan, ” Hello Better” become a reality for people with CF to become “Breathe Easy”.
With the shoes and natural form guidance that I have learned from them I can go far, distance is not a threat, finishing is the goal.

Andy Stewart with Finish Line Sports in Sugar Land, Tx.
Andy’s donation to the CFF wil help fund the research to find a cure. Also with his connection with ASICS, I have a second pair of shoes so that I’ll be able to transition inbetween the pairs and have dry feet. With the support of the Cumulus 14, there’s protection from the roads that have become my playground.

John Braswell D.C. Chiropractor in Sugar Land, TX owner of Sweetwater Chriopractic
Allowing me to have use of a tens unit to aid my muscles along the way when I’m out of reach of his Chriopractic services. Johns kept my back straight and into place for years and years to come.

My bearded brothers and dames from Autin, TX. Their support of all facial hair and spreading the word out about my venture to New Orleans. You’ll see me in the Red Trucker AFHC hat running along the road looking like “Forest Gump”

All my friends and family who are behind me, praying for me, and cheering me on, it’s with all the Love that makes it easier, Thank You!

To my “CFF Chicks” @ The TX Gulf Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, thank you for allowing me to work along side with you and help. Your friendships and knowledge help me see that there is a cure coming, and patience will provail over CF and it’ll be no longer in the present, but in the past

It’s a foggy morning *46 and a great way to start


One thought on ““Breathe Easy” Run begins

  1. Michael, the CF Chicks are behind you all the way!! Stay safe and enjoy your amazing journey. We so appreciate you and are in awe of you!

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